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Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums
(Formerly Indian Lac Research Institute)
Namkum, Ranchi - 834 010

Estd : September 20, 1924

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  Processing & Product Development
  • Sixteen lac-based bioactive compounds were synthesized and evaluated.

  • Gum acacia and gum karaya were purified and their structures modified by cross linking agents and hydrogel prepared.

  • Large scale trials of lac based fruit coating formulation for kinnow, and apple, developed earlier, was carried out successfully at Abohar, Punjab, in commercial waxing plants. The registration for Indian patent done.

  • Physico-chemical properties of guar gum, karaya gum, gum ghatti, khair gum & tamarind gum determined and documented.

  • Physico-chemical properties of oleo gum-resins of (i) Boswellia serrata (ii) Commiphora wightii and (iii) C. mukul from different locations studied.

  • Comparative performance of water soluble lac varnishes done. Ammonia was found as the best; morpholine based lac varnish provided higher gloss.

 Large scale trails of fruit coating formulation
  • Surface coating formulations based on shellac-rosin, shellac-novolac and shellac-epoxidised novolac blends studied; novolac and eposidised novolac compositions exhibited superior gloss, scrub resistance, chemical resistance.

  • Survey for information on natural resins and gums carried out and compiled as technical bulletin "Natural Resins and Gums of Commercial Importance - At a Glance".

  • Pilot plants for Technical & Pure Grade Lac Dye (capacity 4 kg & 1 kg per batch), aleuritic acid (capacity 2 kg/batch) and bleached lac (40 kg/batch) were established. Process of aleuritic acid extraction from lac resin refined and yield increased from 13-14% to 17-18%.. Both the pilot plants are used to impart training to entrepreneurs.

  • A rolling tapping device was developed for guggul tapping from Commiphora wightii.

  • Different storage materials evaluated for lac. Storage in gunny bag is recommended for dried seedlac (less than 4% moisture content). Seedlac should not be stored inside metal container or in plastic bags.

  • Drying characteristics of seedlac determined and a centrifuge developed for removing excess moisture from washed seedlac to reduce the drying time.

  • Accreditation of ISO 9001:2000 certification for Quality Evaluation Laboratory extended for all natural gums and resins in addition to lac, for another three years.

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